What This Nigerian Girl Who Lost Boyfriend Did On Facebook Is Heartbreaking

A heartbroken Nigerian lady, Ifunanya who just lost her boyfriend, Victor has taken to Facebook to mourn his death.

From the comments on her Facebook page and a fw photos shared by friends, the young man was involved in an accident.

On one of the posts, she wrote;

“Baby but y?????
This is not what you promised me??
Who is gonna get jealous when cute guys send me request???????who s gonna tell me baby take this money and add to business?????who is gonna say baby go and change ur look ur hair stinks??who s gonna take my baby sister to school??,, now she is like aunty that brother never still come?? ??what am I gonna tell her??that u are coming or what? ??my mum couldn’t believe she s still calling ur number till now to confirm??I have never seen any1 as cool and calm as you???now that u hv changed me into a better person whom are u leaving me for???baby please this expensive joke???come back baby let me prepare ur favorite soup ???(ogbonor)
O God why me??? ???this pain is too much
??????keep resting baby???your
God is not asleep he will surely fight this battle??????????????????”

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