More Details Emerge On Money Mysteriously Missing From Piggybank As Narrated By Another Lady

Last night, we brought to you the story of a couple who received the shock of their lives after they broke their joint piggy bank in which they were actively saving in for over 7 months but couldn’t believe the amount they found inside it.

However, another witness has narrated her experience about the “piggy banking”……

“i v seen different post on this piggy banking things yesterday, I couldn’t sleep so dis morning @1.30am, I burst and here is my own surprise!!!am suppose to have 102000 in the big one bt am counting 60000 and the small one am counting 22000 instead of 26000(I could have manage that but the big one scared me). Let mi just end this before it turns to 2000 by end of December!!”
“Last year, I saved from January to December and I counted 23000 at the end of the year instead of 180000 cus I save 100 in the small and 400 in the big one daily!I even accuse hubby so I started writing down bt I can’t place this!! I made my own myself,I didn’t buy ooooo!!! And hubby has been away since early this year!I live alone….. save me pipu!!!am so shocked!!!”

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