“You are a coward, I dare you to come to my house again, thunder fire you”- Former Senator’s daughter, Deola Smart blasts Dino Melaye

Nigerian jeweler, Malivelihood’s supposed girlfriend, Deola Smart sees to be in some sorta brawl with Nigerian senator, Dino Melaye after she took to her social media page to call him out.

Deola Smart

Deola Smart, who is the daughter of former Kogi state senator, Smart Adeyemi, took to her Insta stories to call out Dino Melaye calling him a coward and daring him to go to her house again.

According to her, the senator invaded her house to take an action which purportedly would earn him political points on social media and this got her enraged, so she took to her page to out him.

She wrote,

We’ve ignored Dino Melaye for so long but for him to think it’s cool to stop over at my house so he could post on Instagram and Twitter and score a cheap political point is beyond me while my family is mourning… Thunder fire u Dino Melaye and we shall meet at the battlefield.

Dear Dino Melaye please stop bothering us, stop calling. You are lucky tonight… Don’t you ever try to come to my house next time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
You act tough online but you are a coward in real life… Oh you are so lucky tonight Dino. I dare you…

I’ve had enough. I’m so angry tonight… imagine the audacity of this joke called dino. I dare you to come to my house again dino. You’ll know the difference between the internet and reality.

The ragamuffin hid himself in another senator’s car to gain access into my compound. And some people still think dino melaye is a sane man ?

Deola Smart

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