See how a 17-yr-old girl used an invention to help fishermen in Maroko

The girl wanted to erase all the middlemen involved in her family’s business, limiting revenue streams and causing her disadvantages

Sharon, Makoko FreshLeft to right; Sharon, her father and Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin, checking her phone

Middlemen often clog business processes for traders and reduce their revenue potentials as everyone takes a cut.

History is littered with successful entrepreneurs and negative figures like Richard Branson, Dale Canergie and drug dealer, Frank Lucas who cut out middlemen from their respective processes.

What ensued was incredible success levels that defined logic and made these men bosses in their respective fields — a simple maneuver that changed their respective courses. A 17-year old girl from the Makoko community of Lagos, known for its heavy dependence on fishing and located around the water in Lagos has shown similarities to repeat such feats.

An aerial view, from just behind Makoko agains the Third Mainland Bridge (Kemi Filani)

Makoko is the neighbourhood you would see on your right side while plying the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos, on your way to the Island from the Mainland. It is a common occurrence to see fishermen at work during any of your journeys across the bridge.

Makoko fishermen at work, doing the only thing they know how to do (Jonathan Cole Photography)

Her name is Leah and she is the 11th child of her family. She recognized the disadvantage of her family with middle-men and felt they were being underpaid. What she did was create a website named Makoko Fresh to bridge the gap between her family’s product and willing consumers, utilizing the internet.

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