WTF! Professor Accidentally Plays P0RN To 500 Students In Lecture Hall


When you want to talk about a blooper, this should top your list, Psychology professor accidentally played purn to 500 students in a lecture hall.

The professor left his students stunned after he accidentally played hardcore purn through a lecture room projector for all of them to see.

Professor Steve Joordens of the University of Toronto’s Scarborough Campus started his 9am course entitled Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology on Monday by connecting his computer to the projector, without realizing he had pornography playing on his laptop.

The graphic video which was displayed on the big screen was played in a packed lecture room of 500 students. Some students were seen leaving with others laughing as the video plays for at least 10 seconds.

Embarrassed by the blunder, the professor then quickly turn off the video.

One of the students who filmed the graphic video and posted online wrote: ‘First psychology class…wtf…prof was watching purn before this…’

‘When I saw the [pornographic] video, I was surprised. I was not expecting that especially this early in the morning… I found the whole situation funny and he made a lot of people laugh,’ a freshman studying Philosophy who recorded the original video told the campus paper The Varsity.

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