Nigerian Pastor Almost Crushes Son To Death With His Car In Rivers (Photos)

A Nigerian pastor has almost crushed his own little son to death with his car in a community in Rivers state.

A Nigerian cleric has told of how he nearly crushed his own son to death recently.
The cleric identified as Alfred Umejuru Akunchukwu took to his Facebook page to thank God profusely for the averted tragedy.
According to him, his young son crawled under his car to pick up his ball which he was playing with.
Pastor Alfred, at that same moment climbed into his car to drive away and would have crushed the little boy if the child had not made a sound.
Pastor Alfred’s son under the car
Pastor Alfred, obviously shaken after the incident, shared photos of his son under the car.
Below is how the pastor shared the story on Facebook.
“How can I really thank this great God enough. I would have killed my own son {King NICOLAS} just now if I moved my car without hearing his voice. I didn’t know he got stuck under my car when he went to pick his yellow ball.
“I’ll continously BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION.

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