OH NO! KUPE BOYS Reportedly Forced To it SIT ON THE FLOOR At NIGERIAN AIRPORT (Photos/Reactions)

Popular Instagram celebrities, Kupe Boys have reportedly been turned to ‘Kukere boys’ by ‘Nigerian condition’, as they were reportedly spotted sitting on the floor at a Nigerian airport.

We reported that the popular Instagram celebrities arrived Abuja for an event that has sent the social media agog. Before their arrival, lots of Nigerian ladies had anticipated their coming to the country.

The Instagram celebrities found a space in hearts of ladies, after they did the #kupechallenge, which immediately went even more viral than the song itself.

Here are reactions of some Twitter users to photos of Instagram celebrities sitting on the floor at a Nigerian airport;

@Biisi96 wrote;

Lmao see your Kupeboys. You ppls MCM. Nigeria no just get respect

Someone said Kupeboys came to Nigeria and became kuje boys. When I tell you people all you need is iPhone and abroad weather to unlock your freshness you think say na lie. See how they entered Nigeria and they turned to low budget gta vice city

@Olabassey wrote;

Lmao see the Kupeboys. Nigeria can humble anybody

@miss_gbanite wrote;

Kupeboys came to Nigeria and became kuje boys

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