Dj Cuppy Gets Marriage Proposal To Be The 6th Wife Of The Duke Of Shomolu [Photo]

Nigerian Disc Jockey and Singer, Cuppy seems to be in hot demand lately as so many Nigerian men are bringing their A-Game; with the latest being getting proposed to in a newspaper.

Sharing a photo of the proposal in the newspaper, DJ Cuppy wrote;

“Got proposed to in the newspaper today… Cupcakes, would I make a good 6th wife?”

Part of the proposal reads ;


I have been watching this beautiful damsel for sometime now and would like to come out openly to ask for her hand in marriage. My dear Mr. Otedola, now that our dear DJ is of age, i would like to bring her in as my sixth wife. Kindly note that as the DUKE of Shomolu and by the grace of God the 115th to the throne of her Royal Majesty the Queen of England, I have it on good authority that i can make this audacious bold move.

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