Funke Bucknor Writes Emotional Tribute To Her Late Sister, Tosyn Bucknor.

Following the sad death of OAP, Tosyn Bucknor, her sister, Funke has expressed sorrow over her death.

Funke Bucknor, the only sibling to late OAP, Tosyn Bucknor has shared a very emotional tribute in honour of her late sister.
After confirming yesterday that Tosyn died due to complications from sickle cell writing, ‘my heart is heavy, but in all things we give thanks to God. My darling sister and besto Tosyn passed away last night due to complications from sickle cell’, she has now written another post expressing deep sorrow.
Funke wrote: “Hey you, Who will send me those WhatsApp messages and voice notes now to tell me that the internet never forgets or that I shouldn’t have written this or I should delete or archive that post. Who will order me to bring takeaway for them now?
Who will introduce me to new music now ( though your love for alternative music i didnt get oh lollll)
Or even reach me new dancesteps?
The real contradiction, my only sibling, my only aburo. You told me to live my best life jare and go to where the love is. We had great plans oh, some of which we made and discussed at this lunch an overdue one at that I didn’t shed one tear when my dad passed away but this one is hard oh ah it’s hard.”

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