RMD Tells Inspiring Story Of Orphaned Girl Who Sent Him Scented Candles And A Letter

Richard Mofe-Damijo, one of the most respected Nollywood stars, has praised “Mwanga,” a girl who makes scented candles for defiling all odds to become a proud entrepreneur.

He wrote: “I returned from my trip to find a beautifully branded scented candle and read a lovely letter from the girl who makes the scented candles “Mwanga”. What hit me most is that having lost both her parents last year, she surmounted all the road blocks in front of her and turned her grief into a dream, today she is a proud entrepreneur with a mission.
“She could have decided to become one of the many people begging on social media, after all she has a very compelling story of the horrific deaths of both parents but no she learned to fish.
“The new trend of begging across social media platforms has become alarming, I try to help as many as I can but it just gets worse and my team points out to me that many of them are scammers, same ones that set up fake accounts with the names and images of celebrities just to extort money from unsuspecting people. Recently @mercyiaspire made a post about a free skills acquisition event her NGO was running, I hoped all the “please help me with 3,000 naira for baby diapers” gang would jump on her comments to thank her for such an opportunity and tag the “please help me with 2,500 to buy food” gang but no that’s not how they roll, they’d rather beg for money and troll people who work for their money all day. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way diminishing people with genuine needs but whatever the case, it’s important you identify your demons, problems, obstacles, challenges, hurdles, whatever name you call that thing stopping you from succeeding and get to work, just take it one day at a time and you will succeed, I have seen people so disadvantaged overcome things that seemed impossible and became something/someone.
“Thank you @mwangaafrica for showing that despite the odds of losing both your parents within 40 days of each other that you can still become an entrepreneur not a beggar and p.s: Thank you for the candle, I love it. # #rmdsaysso

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