Why White Men Don’t Date Nigerian Girls – Lady Married To Oyinbo Man Explains (Watch)

A Nigerian lady has called out some young ladies who always beg their Oyinbo boyfriends for money, adding that it is one of the reasons white men don’t date Nigerian girls.

A Nigerian lady identified simply as Mama G (@ruthymilano) on Instagram, who is married to a white man, has taken to the social networking platform to explain why she thinks some white men don’t date Nigerian girls.
The lady said that one of the turn-offs for white men is begging for money which she says some Nigerian girls do once they start chatting with a white man.
In a video message broadcasted on her Instagram Live, she said: “If you want to date a white guy or you want to be with a white guy, be yourself and don’t pretend about who you are, just be yourself. Another thing is don’t beg, Nigerian girls like to beg.
“Some of these guys as they are getting to know you and you are giving them bills kilode, you are telling them I need 1,000 Euros, I need 50 pounds begi begi. And the next thing, the guy is mute, no message again from him. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t say don’t ask your man or boyfriend for money, but some of these guys you are just meeting online for the first time.
“Now after all the begi begi the white men run away and these girls will now start calling him all sort of names. Oloshi ma ni awon Oyinbo yen o rara o won ki se oloshi iwo gan ni oloriburuku. Yes begi begi.”
Watch the videos below courtesy of LIB;

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