U.S Realty TV Star’s Mom Marries 23-year-old Nigerian Man (Photos)

A 23-year-old Nigerian man who is based in the United States of America, has tied the knot with the mother of a popular reality TV star in the country.

U.S reality TV star from Love & Hip Hop, Floyd “A1” Bentley’s mom, Pam, has gotten married to a Nigerian young man identified as Anthony.
Her new husband, a 23-years-old Nigerian, is just 5 years younger than her reality star son.
According to reports, Pam met Anthony on social media, he allegedly slid into her DMs – and the rest was history.
The reports say that the two kicked it long distance for almost a year, and then they decided to take their relationship up a notch.
Pam reportedly flew to Lagos, Nigeria, to meet her new man and the two ended up married.
The couple got married in a legal ceremony in Nigeria, in the presence of Anthony’s mother, sister, uncle amongst others.

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