Jubilation As Migrants Including Nigerians Are Allowed To Enter Europe After 18 Days

Following days of refusal for them to enter Europe, UN High Commissioner for Refugees has intervened. 

It was earlier reported that African migrants were stranded off the coast of Malta and refused to eat in protest after they were denied entry into Europe. The Sea-Watch vessel rescued a total of 49 migrants and were refused permission to dock in Italy and Malta. The migrants had been in the middle of the Mediterranean for over 18 days, because European ports refuse their entry and did not allow Sea-Watch vessel to dock in any European port. After few days of hunger strike, the migrants on board started to eat again, but were upset with European countries that have blocked their attempts to dock on shore. 

 Fresh reports have it that the rescued refugees and migrants including Nigerians on board the Sea Watch 3 and Albrecht Penck NGO vessels have been safely disembarked in Malta.“Rescue at sea does not end when someone is pulled out of the water, it means getting them to dry land and a place of safety as soon as possible,” said Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. “The imperative to save lives comes above politics and cannot be a responsibility that’s negotiated on a case by case basis.”

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