Family Silent As Nigerian Woman Reportedly Dies After Cosmetic Surgery

The family members of a Nigerian woman have been talked for remaining silent after their daughter reportedly died during surgery. 

 A Nigerian woman has raised alarm on Twitter after a lady reportedly died from complications after she had a cosmetic surgery.  A Twitter user, @luchymoe raised the alarm while wondering why there isn’t an outcry over the sad incident. Another lady who probably knows about the case replied by stating that the lady’s family are selling the story that she died due to ulcer. The Twitter user who revealed that the lady’s family are sticking to an ulcer story stated that it is actually the doctor’s fault the lady died after cosmetic surgery. However, reacting to the post, someone told Luchymoe to exercise caution because she hasn’t investigated the cause of the lady’s death. Taking to Twitter, @luchymoe said: “Why is no one talking about the lady that died a couple days ago in one of the popular Lagos plastic surgery center?” @enivie wrote: “Because the family is sticking to the ulcer story, so who’s gonna call out the doctor?” @Obidinanwad wrote: “You know death, although uncommon, is a possible outcome of certain surgical procedures even without an outright error from the medical team. That’s why patients sign consent prior. Hence, before you drag anyone, you must investigate cause of death.” @luchymore replied: “I came to understand that the underlying cause of death didn’t border on the doctor’s negligence hence why he isn’t being called out. Other than that the death rate in cosmetic surgery is usually about 0.1% hence why they should be called out if it is frequent.” @enivie: “Actually it’s his fault . How would she have known he poked the wrong thing in her body and by the time she went for a check up , it was already late . But this is Nigeria , anybody can get away with anything . God rest her beautiful soul.” She added: “Well he poked an intestine but thanks to the consent form and the fact that our medical board here is shitty , he is still gonna get away with it”.Many others who contributed to the discussion blamed the lady for going for cosmetic surgery. This made @luchymoe slam them as judgmental. “So judgmental, I see why no one is trying to make the issue public, rather than focus on the doctor’s negligence, it’s “what was she doing plastic surgery for”DimwitsMaybe I’m just pressed about this cause it could have easily been me or any other person who is open to cosmetic surgery”.

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