Busted: Woman Who Lures Rich Men With S*x Before Robbing Them Finally Nabbed (Photos)

A young woman who has been in the habit of luring rich men with s*x before robbing them, has been finally nabbed. 

Kam Pakham (wearing a mask and black dress) waited on the streets of Pattaya beforeluring foreigners with ‘gold valuables on show’ back to a hotel with the promise of s*x A British holidaymaker was drugged by a Thai woman who lured him to a hotel for sex after targeting men wearing gold. Kam Pakham waited on the streets of Pattaya before luring foreigners with ‘gold valuables on show’ back to a hotel with the promise of s*x. But the femme fatale’s scam came to light after British holidaymaker, Daniel Booth, woke up the morning after with his watch and phone missing.  

When investigators searched Pakham’s room police found more than 10 luxury brand watches and smartphones The 27-year-old told police he had spent the night with the Thai woman on Saturday after meeting her on the street outside his hotel.   He took the Thai woman up to his room for a ‘party’ but has little recollection of the events after two drinks. Police began searching for the suspect from hotel CCTV and found her walking suspiciously on nearby streets, she then fled when officers approached her. 

 The 48-year-old was captured three days after her encounter with Mr Booth outside bars on the busy Soi Buakhao Road, where she was scoping out rich male tourists. Pakham told police she chose men with gold chains and expensive watched on show before offering them s*x.   She admitted her scam, saying that it was not her first time and was detained at Pattaya police station for legal proceedings. Pakham said: ‘I’ve done this three or four times now. I will look for men wearing expensive accessories, join them in their room, and put sleeping pills in the drink. ‘Then, I will steal watches, phones, and some money before I leave.’ 

 Investigators searched her room and found more than 10 luxury brand watches and smartphones.  Police chief Apichai Krobtech said: ‘My team will always protect tourists and catch criminals quickly. ‘This thief believed she would be successful, but the police found her. ‘We will attempt to trace her victims so they can have their stolen property back.’ Pakham faces a fine of between 20,000 to 100,000 THB (Thai baht)

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