Mudathir Hayatullahi Folorunsho

COVID-19: Poor Nigerians Are Dying Of Hunger -By Mudathir Hayatullahi Folorunsho

The whole world is now in distress because of the coronavirus outbreak that has affected almost all the countries around the globe, leaving deadly marks on some people to carry as its sign of visitation.

It also get inundated on we Nigerians as we failed initially to avoid the visitation of the said deadly virus, COVID-19 from entering our blessed and saint country, Nigeria. Now, we are part of the team, suffering from the same illness.

The number of the affected people increases everyday while some are unable to survive the pandemic, leaving this sweet world for the after life. What a calamity that has befallen us!

 Mudathir Hayatullahi FolorunshoCOVID-19 is threatening us everyday and our leaders are not fully ready to fight for us. The whole nation is now in fear. Even the people in power are not exempted. No one is ready to help another while friends have turned to sudden enemies. Husbands and wives no longer live happily again in their own matrimonial home. What a COVID separation?

Our leaders have imposed total lockdown on us to curtail the spread of the existing pandemic that has circulated around almost all the states of our country. We are all asked to stay home so as not to contract the disease, but hunger is also at home, threatening us to go out and find our means of livelihood.

Our leaders have imposed the lockdown which implies the citizens of this country will not move out for their day-to-day works but have also failed us in catering to our survival during the lockdown period. On what are we to depend?

I have never seen anyone that befriend hunger for weeks, I mean real and serious hunger and still come out with his/her senses . As our leaders have taken preventive measures to curb the spread of the pandemic so that citizens won’t die of Corona, they are supposed to also device a means of catering for the welfare of Nigerians so as not to also die of hunger. Hunger is not any man’s friend.

So sad and pathetic that the children are suffering for the sin committed by their fathers. The vulnerable citizens of the country are now carrying the cross of their masters. What an irony of life.

I’m not disputing the fact that the lockdown has affected the masters and the highly reputable members of the country, but never will we compare a man having water in his reservoir with one who struggles to fetch everyday if drought season arrives.
Hunger is said to be one of the most deadly and fast killing viruses in this world; Those whose their means of livelihood are on the street are tired of staying home as they find it more difficult to sustain the lockdown without food items at home when their sources of income have been blocked and no provision was made to them by the government. No outreach has reached their doors.

Coronavirus is outside while hunger virus is inside, both are meant to claim lives. We are asked not to go out and meet corona while hunger is also inside, asking for its rights. Poor citizens are now in pool of danger.

Coronavirus claims a life in at least 14 days while hunger virus claims thousands of lives in a single day. Poor Nigerians cannot afford 3 square meals per day anymore while some find it difficult to put hands to mouth. Some are dying silently while at home; COVID-19 is not the cause but HUNGVID-20 causes their death.

Many vulnerable prefer dying of corona to hunger as they cry out everyday and protest against the lockdown through all means of communication. Many poor have turned to beggars, stylishly begging people for their survival while many go from house to ask to seek for financial help and other relief materials for them to depend on during the lockdown. Many cried out loud that their means of income should not be blocked totally, they needed to survive and eat everyday, they complained of lack of food items, they showed their skins changing color, bodies turning wrinkles and becoming older due to hunger, they wanted their feelings to be known, the widows were expecting their children to bring for them, so, they protested on their behalf but their voices never reached the top. The wind blew it away. They died without being attended to.

It got me so amazed and sad also when I noticed how houses and shops were being burgled by thieves during this lockdown, which still persists. The poor ones who have nothing at home are still suffering for it as they are being beaten by the miscreants when they claim not to have anything at home. Poor people are not sleeping comfortably at night again for the fear of being attacked. The innocent souls have turned to mid-nights securities. What a life!

I’m not blaming the Government for imposing this lockdown as it is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of this pandemic as also backed up by the law, but it is also important that they consider the effect of this action on the vulnerable citizens and make some provisions for them to ease their affairs.

On a final note, I will urge Nigerian government to come up with feeding scheme for all her citizens just as President Kagame did by distributing door to door food items to the citizens of Rwanda and other relief materials that will make life more easier for the vulnerable citizens and to put end to mass death of hunger in our country.God bless Nigeria!

Mudathir Hayatullahi is an English language student of UDUS and also a campus journalist.