Help! I No Longer Have An Erection – A Worried Fellow

It all started when I was 17. Had access to internet and too many Indecency were everywhere on the net. What started out so weird and looked awkward to me ended up being my means of pleasure.

Didn’t even think of GF coz to me it was stress. I could stroke my organ for a whole day watching Indecency. I really enjoyed it at first and was even taking drugs to delay “release of sperm”To me it was all fun.

When I got to 20, I decided to try out a GF, but it didn’t work out well so I fully went into masturbation and didn’t even think of relationship.

When I became 23, I noticed my joystick wasn’t getting the 100% erection like it used to but I didn’t even bother. Till the day I decided to have sex and my organ couldn’t rise, my gf had to give me a Mouth Gig before I got half erection, she wasn’t happy, I saw disappointment written all over her face.

I had to lie to her that it was coz I was worried about something else and my mind wasn’t on her side or the sex.

Christmas night we decided to have another sex but joystick couldn’t even rise. I tried force it into her but it fell out all flaccid.

Had to use my hand to pleasure her that night again she was worried and the next day she said we’ve got to talk about it.

I embarrassingly told her nothing to talk about. She is someone I want to marry. Am 28 years now and my mum is already talking about when will I be getting a wife ??

It’s beginning to give me nightmare. Pls doctors in the house ……..have I maybe accidentally broken my dick??

Or does it mean I have over used my organ?? Please is there a cure??

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