How ‘Federal Open Empowerment’ defrauds People using hacked Facebook Accounts and Access Bank Account

images (16)A fraudulent organisation named ‘Federal Open Empowerment’ has been defrauding unsuspecting members of the Public through Access Bank Account and hacked Facebook Accounts .
The dubious activity of the Organisation was confirmed on Tuesday morning when the Company’s Representative contacted our Reporter through a family member’s Facebook account that was hacked.

The Fraudster said he works for Federal Power Investment,an Organization that can double ones investment in 45 minutes.

The fraudulent Organization operates with Access Bank using the account name
‘Federal Open Empowerment’ and Account number ‘1387121184’.

Our Reporter contacted the real Facebook account owner to confirm the genuity of the Organization.
She disclaimed the Company, saying her Facebook account was hacked and she can not gain access to the social media platform .

Our correspondent confirmed that ‘Federal Open Empowerment’ was not registered with the Nigeria Government and that the fraudulent Organization truely registered an operational account with Access Bank .

Below is the excerpt from the Conversation.

Olabode Olabisi