Lessons to Learn From Dare Melody’s Ways of Life

My encounter with Dare Melody over the years makes me write this short piece of article about his simple way of life.
Damilare Odunuga, popularly known as Dare Melody is a household name in the entertainment industry and also one of the ‘A’ list Yoruba gospel artiste that is trending in Nigeria.

He was born in the late seventies.
He started music professionally in 1998, over twenty years ago and he is still trending till date.
The followings are Dare melody’s ways of life which I believe will serve as a guide to the young ones, especially those in the entertainment industry.
Humility and Public Relations:
Dare melody is humble to a fault, believe me. He respects everybody and he doesn’t overlook anyone. I remember inviting him to Dre San studio for a recording in the notorious Arigbanla area in Agege, Lagos. Everyone believed he wouldn’t come to such area based on his celebrity status and stardom. Behold, Dare showed up. He looked at me and said, “Baba, I’m here because I believe nobody should be overlooked”.
“Some notorious guys can change for good if they see me around and we chat together”, Dare Melody added.
Dare talks freely with all his band boys like ‘padi to padi’, meaning, no boss, no servant.
He talks to people with respect. The screenshot of my chats with him is a

Marriage and Family Life:
He is married to only one wife, despite having only girls as children. The Artiste has five beautiful Daughters. When I asked him, why he chooses to be a monogamist, despite Yoruba perspective about a female child, he said that he believed every child is a blessing from God.
Dare said, “Baba, every child is a gift from God, if we train them properly, they will make us proud”.
Dare gave all his Daughters, best education a child could think of. Some had their University Education in the United States of America.
Dare Melody has been consistent with his Yoruba kind of gospel music. His songs are soul-lifting and highly spiritual. I tell you, he has not derailed. He understands his fan base and he has never disappointed them.
Public and Brand Perception:
Melody is loved by almost everyone and all churches. His music cuts across all denomination.
Please note, I don’t conclude that Dare Melody is perfect, but I believe that some of us have few things to gain from his simple ways of living a modest life.
This piece of the article represents my opinion about the person of ‘Dare Melody’, based on my encounter with him and background research.
Bode Olabisi is a certified Journalist, Tech Guru and a Businessman.